To be read this week

Writing on a blog is a good way to discuss ideas. But a blog is also a link to what is written by others. This post shows what I consider as interesting links in English. You can find different links in French on the French part of my blog (here)

Crimes and Punishments (Menzie Chinn on and
The impact of economic sanctions on Russia (Linda Yueh on
Menzie Chinn and Linda Yueh on the efficacy of sanctions on Russia. The real question, at the end, is to know the target of this sanctions? Is it communication only and is there a real will to harm Russia?
Read here –
and here –

If China Sneezes, Africa Can Now Catch a Cold – The IMF Blog
What is the impact on Africa of a slower growth momentum in China? The impact on exports  growth could be important.
Read here –

Spring 2014 Brookings Panel on Economic Activity
Twice a year, under the auspices of the Brookings Institution are presented interesting and relevant researches on topical issues
This time it focus on: the experience in Japan under Shinzo Abe, on poverty in the U.S., on long-term unemployment in the USA and on unconventional monetary policies
Probably one of the best source to find clues on the current economic situation

Read here –

Economists Letter on Minimum Wages
Interesting discussion on the link between minimum wage and employment. The impact from minimum wage to employment seems to be weak
Read here –

Do economists control our ideas? by Noah Smith
Interesting discussion on the influence of economists. Their impact is not so large even if economy has a larger place in everyday life than in the past.
Read here –

New York – A city that doesn’t sleep but which change over time
Pictures of some spots in NY city in the past and now – Fascinating
Discover New York here –

On my French blog (here), there are links related to the geography of world trade, to IT innovations, to a comparison between France and the United Kingdom, to the Spanish globalization,  to the temptation for French youth to migrate

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