Fed: When will rates be on the upside? It depends

Janet Yellen said nothing unexpected at the press conference following the meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee of the Fed. Forecasts for growth and inflation were adjusted and the amount of assets to be purchased was reduced by USD 10bn to USD 35bn from July.
In her introductory remarks the president of the Fed said it would happen a considerable  time between the end of the asset purchase program  (next fall) and the rise in interest rates. In March to a reporter’s question about what she had in mind about the considerable time she said 6 months. This had put everyone in an uproar. A reporter asked him the question again. Her answer is simple: it depends. It depends on the macroeconomic, political, geopolitical …….
In other words, the Fed indicated that interest rates will rise but do not want to tie its hands to specific commitments in time or excessively detailed monitoring of macroeconomic indicators.
The Fed confirms it is in the “let us do what is needed”. Not sure whether the most reassuring scenario.

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