Remarks by Donald Tusk after the Euro Summit of June the 22nd

The remarks by Donald Tusk can be found here 

I called this summit to put an end to the dangerous uncertainty and to avoid the worst case scenario which means chaotic and uncontrollable Graccident. To do that, I wanted to achieve two things. First, I wanted to inject new dynamism into the negotiations that have been stalled for too long. With the Greek proposal today, I believe that we have taken that step. Second, to make sure that all leaders are on the same political page, that all share the same understanding of the possibilities and limits.

Prime Minister Tsipras has assured us of Greece’s seriousness and willingness to work constructively. As the last hours have shown, we can see all parties fully committed to finding a solution. The new Greek proposals to the three institutions are a positive step forward according to the initial assessment of the institutions. They will be further assessed over the coming hours. Work must now proceed swiftly in the Eurogroup. Prime Minister Tsipras and the institutions will work together now, so that the Eurogroup can achieve results on Wednesday evening that can be presented Thursday morning. 

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