The Parliament must have a role in the Brexit decision

The article below supports the idea that the Parliament has to be associated to the decision to notify the Article 50. The historical change associated with the Brexit mustn’t depend only on one person even with the support of the referendum.

The Article 50 challenge shows parliament should have its say

The legal arguments are finely balanced but favour the claimants, writes Jolyon Maugham

The long-awaited hearing of the legal challenge to the government’s intention to trigger Article 50 began on Thursday. Hoisted outside the High Court was a placard: “Article 50 is a suicide note!” But inside, it was the question, “Ah, but who holds the pen?” that occupied the judges.

The case, which will recommence on Monday, asks whether triggering Article 50 requires an Act of Parliament. The claimants, who include fund manager Gina Miller, say it does. The government says the royal prerogative will suffice. What this means in practice is an executive act of Theresa May, the prime minister.

But why does it matter? And who will win?

The complete article is here

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