As expected, the Fed’s rate is up by 25 bp

The Federal Reserve has pushed up its main interest rate by 25 bp. The corridor in which the fed funds can fluctuate will now be [0.50 ;  0.75%] instead of [0.25 ; 0.50%]. The last rate change was December 2015. 
For 2017, the median value of the fed funds rate is expected at 1.375% which means 3 rate increases. The same pace is expected for 2018 and 2019 with rate anticipated at 2.125% and 2.875% respectively. 
The long term equilibrium value for the fed funds is marginally higher at 3% versus 2.9% in September. 

The global Fed’s scenario remains weak. The Fed tells us that the business cycle is still consistent with a secular stagnation framework: low growth, low inflation and low interest rates. The economy is not back to its pre-crisis momentum. 
The long term growth rate is just 1.8% unchanged from September forecasts and the inflation rate is expected to converge to 2% in 2018. It’s also its long term value (as in September) 

I was not able to watch the press conference (no connexion for a video in a train even a TGV) but my perception on the future of monetary policy is unchanged from what I said earlier today (see here)

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