Italy – Conte resigns but political imbroglio and uncertainty persist

The Italian situation becomes more complex after the resignation of Prime Minister Guiseppe Conte. The Italian president didn’t validate the government Conte has presented to him.
In this possible government, Salvini, the leader of the League, had the Ministry of the Interior and Di Maio, the 5-star movement’s leader, the Ministry of Labor. These points were recorded.
The stumbling block was the Ministry of Finance, where Paolo Savola, who is very critical of the euro and the construction of Europe, was being approached. By refusing to accept this government, President Mattarella has made a strong political act.
Firstly because the League would have had the two main ministries that are the interior and the finances and in fact the balance of power within the government would have been in favor of the League (considering that Conte was not the decision-maker ).
The other point is that the party whose dynamic is currently the strongest is the League. But this party has a large number of positions that are not compatible with the construction of Europe. President Mattarella has taken the option of keeping Italy in this European context and for that we can thank him.

New elections have been announced without a date being decided.
A first remark is that recent polls do not change the balance observed during the elections of March 4th. The 5-star movement is still ahead of the League and the Democratic Party. However the League is progressing rapidly. The 5-star movement was 32.2% in the elections of March 4, the average of 4 polls published in recent days @EuropeElects was 31.5%. For the League the figures are respectively 17.7% and 23.25%. The Democratic Party is stable and Berlusconi’s Forza Italia regresses.

In the new elections, the balance of power will be in favor of the League. This does not suggest anything good. President Mattarella may not be able to oppose an anti-European government led by the League.

A technical government that will never have a majority will have to manage the day-to-day business in the coming weeks (Carlo Cottarelli, an IMF ex-officio and rather rigorous on budget issues is being tipped).

The Italian situation is deteriorating because in the opinion polls, nothing good is announced for the next elections. Italian financial indicators will be mistreated Monday morning, the spread with Germany will expand still a little more.


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