For the British, the hardest starts.

The main consequence of Tuesday’s British parliamentary vote is that Theresa May is now out of the game. The power is now in parliament and the European Commission.

The vote tonight (Wednesday) is about whether or not to choose a no deal. If the no deal is chosen by the parliamentarians then the British will leave without EU agreement on March 29th.

If the no deal is not voted, a third vote will be held Thursday on the possibility of a postponement of the exit date. But if May discusses this point with the European Commission it is this one that will accept or not this postponement. As suggested by the spokesperson of the commission, such a extension will only make sense if it allows a progress and a change of perspective.

A 3 months postponement, a delay often mentioned, is probably useless. Theresa May will remain prime minister but she has already exhausted all her resources.

The no deal is gaining ground every day.

The worst for the British would be a resignation from May and the call for general elections. The risk would be an institutional mayhem since a majority would be difficult to find and a prime minister too. A second referendum may take place only at this stage. It will take a long time and may add a supplementary mayhem.

For the British, the hardest starts.

1 thought on “For the British, the hardest starts.

  1. At thuis moment thee are only to solutions: Or NO BREXIT, OR HARD BREXIT (without deal). And the parlement of units kingdom can close!

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