Paris Accord and Fairness for the US

Is the Paris accord on Climate so unfair for the United States? Donald Trump said it was the main reason to exit from it.
Using three different measures Professor Peter Singer shows that the Paris accord was not disadvantageous for the US.
To take just the first of them, Singer says that the US population is 5% of the world population but the gas emission by the US is 15% of the total. It means that current US emissions should be one-third of what they are. Obama commitment was just 27% below 2005 level in 20125. Is it unfair?

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Climate Change indicators change dramatically – Time to wake up

The chart on trend in atmospheric CO2 has been seen in every newspaper. In early May, concentration of CO2 was above 400 parts per million (ppm) for the first time in 4.5 million years. This could allow some alarmist articles. But once they are read every one of us goes back to its usual business. The main challenge of the planet does not change our everyday life, expecting that someone else will take care of it and will be able to change the future. Continue reading