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Faced with an existential threat to EU cohesion, not to mention the government of Chancellor Angela Merkel in Germany, European leaders fashioned a last-minute compromise in Brussels on 29 June to deal with their immigration crisis.
A coherent reform of asylum-based EU immigration must embody two main components: control over external borders and a new set of internal EU rules. EU leaders have made some progress on the first part, but the outlook concerning the second remains vague. In this post, Olivier Blanchard and Jacob Funk Kirkegaard make some suggestions for the way forward.
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Positive impact of migrants 

Posted on Project Syndicate

“Many of the immigration debates now raging around the world reflect the faulty assumption that admitting immigrants is an act of largesse – and a costly one, at that. But, far from being an economic burden, immigrants represent a major economic opportunity for destination countries. Those countries that take a thoughtful, long-term approach to immigration can capture large and tangible benefits.” Ian Goldin and Jonathan Woetzel

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